short poems

About three years ago I found myself writing very short poems from time to time, observations about minor matters instead of the longer descriptive or narratives I was accustomed to get involved in.  So yesterday I tried to arrange them into some kind of  order.  One per page plus the extra  materials such as title page and various acknowledgements and contents could make a 75 page book.  A few of them had already been published.  So that’s on my mind today.  What kind of order can be imposed upon a good number of disparate subjects?  I resolved the matter by noting to myself that there were Human activities,  observations about creatures (dog, cat bees),  a group I call “What we made” which noted art and museums and furniture and so on, and a group called Nature.  Well, of course the categories often overlapped.  Does a poem about a spider on a flower belong with nature or with creatures?  A spider on a statue belong with creatures or with art?  I suspect I will end up with just plain whatever strikes me at the time, decisions which may not hold up for any defensible reason.  Just how it is when it happens.  And the book is a long time off.

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