short poems

About three years ago I found myself writing very short poems from time to time, observations about minor matters instead of the longer descriptive or narratives I was accustomed to get involved in. So yesterday I tried to arrange them into some kind of order. One per page plus the extra materials such as title […]

I was wrong

I posted a mistake yesterday. “commodified’ or whatever its form was is a perfectly good word and it means exactly what Doug Gwynn intended, which is to say made into a commodity, not, as I thought, modified together, so to speak. I still think he would and could have said what he intended in some […]

discussion on “covenant”

At a meeting of about 15 friends last night, we had a curious discussion supposedly about the meaning of “covenant.” I see this generally speaking as an agreement of some sort between two beings, or parties. We got off the track a lot, since the book which posed the question [Gwynn’s “The Covenant Crucified”] tossed […]


Every time I go out in my car, and I don’t go out often, I am amazed by the great number of other cars on the road, even at, say, 10:am on a Tuesday. I don’t understand how that many people have enough money to be on the road what with the price of gas, […]

Royalty Arrival

A couple of days ago I received a nice royalty check from the publishers of Hello, House. Sometimes people actually pay for poems.

Just getting started

It will take me a while to find out how to do this but I have an able teacher. Meanwhile, I am happy about how my lightweight new book is doing. Hello, House, (poems about domestic jobs, each one illustrated by Maxine Hong Kingston). One friend likes “Domestic Violence” about beating rugs. Garrison Keillor liked […]